Deep GreenHiker - SOLDNosehill Sky - SOLDMountain lake, soldPainting in home, soldShady path, Soldso peaceful, soldPath Through Wood - SOLDForest creek, SoldAutumn madness, SoldCountry roadRushing riverOrange sky, soldStorm passing, soldIn the stable, soldBear fishing, soldBanff valley , soldLight on the Path - SOLDCanmore river, soldAutumn leaves, soldAutumn glory, soldRoyal roads pond, soldCliff view, SoldSoldBurst of colourlet it shine, soldLakeview, 48 x 60University ave.follow the path, soldComing down the mountainQuiet LakeComDeep green 2
Welcome to my Portfolio
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Commissioned works are always welcome.

Gallery two:  
The paintings in the gallery below have been sold.  
View paintings that are presently available for  purchase in gallery one.
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Gallery one:
Paintings presently available
for purchase.

Gallery two:
Paintings that have
been sold.

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